Public Policy and Regulation

We at ERCG conduct public policy research for private corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. In this context we assist our clients address regulatory rulings and their implications.

We provide economic consultancy services in a variety of areas, including:

  • Setting of regulated rates
  • Royalty policy
  • Privatization of State Owned Enterprises
  • Budgetary allocation criteria


A partial list of expert opinions in the realm of Public Policy and Supervision:

Presentation by Asher Blass in the matter of updating the subsidy rate for freight trains, presented to the management of Israel Railways (March 2021).

Expert report of Asher Blass, Iris Ginsberg, Yoav Ben Dor and Rahamim (Rami) Tamam in the matter of HMO Meuhedet’s excessive budget deficits 2017-2019 submitted to Meuhedet’s Board of Directors (October 2019).

Professional support by Asher Blass, Nittai Bergman and Rahamim (Rami) Tamam in the matter of a Report by the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the conduct of the financial system in credit arrangements for major business borrowers (April 2019). Newsletter

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of a petition for the certification of an action as a derivative action, Derivative Action 9167-02-14 and Derivative Action 46222-03-14 Nevo Cohany and Yariv Aharon v. Clalit Health Services et al. (February 2015). Newsletter

Report on the subject of preference for products made in Israel in government procurement in Israel, submitted to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy (April 2014).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass and Haim Ben-Shahar in the matter of the outline for structural change in the external audit of financial entities (banks and insurance), submitted to the Supervisor of Banks and the Capital Market and Insurance Commissioner in the Ministry of Finance (November 2013).

Expert opinion by Haim Ben-Shahar and Asher Blass in the matter of the budget of the Israel Bar Association and the districts, presented at the Israel Bar Association (July 2009).