Healthcare and Medical Services

ERCG has extensive experience providing consulting services to hospitals, HMOs, insurance companies and geriatric institutions. ERCG has researched and conducted analyses of HMO contracts and rate structures and has estimated the value of new technologies.

We provide economic consultancy services in a variety of areas, including:

  • Recovery plans
  • Malpractice
  • Class actions
  • Asset valuation
  • Structural costs
  • Government contracts

A partial list of expert opinions in the realm of Healthcare and Medical Services:

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of the strategic advisor’s fees in Civil File 41759-04-18 Tel Aviv, The Free World Ltd. v. Hadassah the Women’s Zionist Organization of America Inc. et al. (April 2021).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of back-interest according to Civil File 1552/07 and Civil File 1202/09 verdicts, Shir Mishkenot Vatikim Ltd. v. League for the Prevention of Lung Diseases, Tel Aviv. Enforcement Authority Netanya 515724-08-19 (September 2020).

Expert report of Asher Blass, Iris Ginsberg, Yoav Ben Dor and Rahamim (Rami) Tamam in the matter of HMO Meuhedet’s excessive budget deficits 2017-2019 submitted to Meuhedet’s Board of Directors (October 2019).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of a petition for the certification of an action as a derivative action, Derivative Action 9167-02-14 and Derivative Action 46222-03-14 Nevo Cohany and Yariv Aharon v. Clalit Health Services et al. (February 2015). Newsletter

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of the agreement between Mediterranean Towers – Tzomet Savyon Ltd. and Clal Bri’ut Hospitalization Services Ltd. (October 2010).

Expert opinion by Haim Ben-Shahar and Asher Blass in the matter of the decision by the Ministry of the Interior with respect to an exemption from municipal tax for Mishan, submitted to the Ministry of the Interior (May 2007).