Financial Institutions

ERCG has extensive experience providing consulting services in the financial sector, innovative financial instruments and uncertainty. Using large databases and (our private) models, ERCG economists conduct a precise analysis and provide an exemplary recommendation.

We provide economic consultancy services in a variety of areas, including:

  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • White-collar crime
  • Executive remuneration and benefits
  • Banking
  • Option pricing

A partial list of expert opinions in the realm of Financial Institutions:

Professional support by Asher Blass, Nittai Bergman and Rahamim (Rami) Tamam in the matter of a Report by the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the conduct of the financial system in credit arrangements for major business borrowers (April 2019). Newsletter.

Consultancy regarding a tender offer of Phoenix Holdings Ltd. for an international finance company (September 2017).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of Levi Yitzhak Rachmani et al. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited et al. (March 2015).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of Phoenix Holdings Ltd. CEO’s compensation (October 2014).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass and Haim Ben-Shahar in the matter of the outline for structural change in the external audit of financial entities (banks and insurance), submitted to the Supervisor of Banks and the Capital Market and Insurance Commissioner in the Ministry of Finance (November 2013).

Expert opinion by Haim Ben-Shahar and Asher Blass in the matter of the valuation of the insurance business of Bituach Hakla’i Central Cooperative Society Ltd. (July 2010).

Assessment of the economic feasibility for the opening of new bank branches (2008).

Consultancy regarding the value of different equity classes at a major insurance company (2005).