Energy and Infrastructure

ERCG has a wealth of experience in performing economic analyses of infrastructure projects and the energy industry and its subsectors, in particular on issues relating to competition, pricing, regulatory effects and damage estimation. Prof. Asher Blass, the CEO of ERCG, has chaired a number of governmental committees on gasoline and electricity.

We provide economic consultancy services in a variety of areas, including:

  • Defining optimal market structure, essential facilities and pricing
  • BOT/PPP project risk
  • Analysis of market structures and regulation and their commercial implications
  • Investments in oversea energy projects
  • Tender process support

A partial list of expert opinions in the realm of Energy and Infrastructure:

Consultancy in the arbitration between the concessionaire and the operator of highway 6 regarding the payment for operation services (January 2020).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of a petition by the Association of Petroleum Companies in Israel et al. v. Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water et al., High Court of Justice File 1951/16 (May 2017).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass, Haim Ben-Shahar and Roee Bas in the  matter of the of the fiberoptic venture business plan, for the Israel Electric Corporation (July 2016).

Export opinion and testimony by Asher Blass in the matter of Civil File 9455-03-09, Oil Refineries Ltd. v. Haifa Port Co. Ltd., and Civil File 22229-10-09, Haifa Port Co. Ltd. v. Oil Refineries Ltd., Haifa District Court (March 2015). Newsletter

Expert opinion by Asher Blass as to the long-term debt policy of the Israel Electric Corporation, specifically in regards to the 2009 bond issue, State Comptroller (May 2011).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of a forecast for high-voltage electricity prices, 2010-2035, submitted to Oil Refineries Ltd. and Carmel Olefins (March 2011).

Expert opinion by Asher Blass in the matter of the estimated cost of non-supply of electricity on the demand side, update of principal results, submitted to the Ministry of National Infrastructures (February 2011).