Prof. Asher Blass

Higher Education

Ph.D., Harvard University, Economics, 1988.
M.A., Harvard University, Economics, 1985.
B.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, magna cum laude, Economics, 1978.

Primary Employment

ERCG Economic Research and Consulting Group, Jerusalem (2001 to the present), CEO. The company was established by Prof. Blass and specializes in industrial organization, antitrust, supervision and finance.

Bank of Israel, Research Department (1992-2000), Chief Economist (prior to that, Senior Economist), Head of capital markets and industrial sector.

Lexecon Ltd., Chicago, Illinois (1988-1991), Senior Economist at a leading economics-legal consulting firm that was established by Justice Posner and professors from the University of Chicago including three Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics. Specializes in economics and law, project management on matters of finance, the financial markets, industrial organization, governmental supervision and antitrust.

Teaching and Research Activity

Ashkelon Academic College, Department of Economics and Banking, Ashkelon, Associate Professor (2008 to the present).

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Economics, Jerusalem, Adjunct Lecturer, Industrial Organization, Economics and Law (1991-1994, 2007).

Israel Democracy Institute, Jerusalem (2004-2007), research in the structure of the supervisory authorities of the capital market in Israel.

Tel Aviv University, Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv, Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Finance and Financial Markets (1995-1997), 2000-2002).

Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Senior Adjunct Lecturer, the Israeli Economy and Financial markets (2000).

Tel Aviv University, Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Finance and Financial Markets (1997-1999).

Wesleyan University, Department of Economics, Middletown, Connecticut, Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Microeconomics, the Israeli Economy and Finance (1995, 1998).

Yale University, Department of Economics, New Haven, Connecticut, Adjunct Lecturer, Financial Markets and Industrial Organization (1995, 1998).

Harvard University, Department of Economics, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1984-1988), Teaching Fellow, Microeconomics, Investments, Sports Economics and the Israeli Economy.

Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts (1984-1988), Research Fellow.