ERCG – Economic Research & Consulting Group

One of the leading economic research and consulting firms in Israel.

The company undertakes research and analysis in a variety of economic fields including legal proceedings, the formulation of economic policy, the conduct of negotiations, strategic consulting, supervision and regulation. The company has a skilled team of economists with rich experience in data analysis and economic research.

ERCG was founded in 2001 by Prof. Asher Blass, who serves as the CEO of the company, and who has previously held a series of senior economic posts, including that of Chief Economist in the Research Department of the Bank of Israel.

The company provides consulting and research services to leading law firms, accounting firms, and private and public entities in Israel.

Throughout its years of operation, ERCG has nurtured professional relationships and collaborations with prominent experts from the legal world, the business sector and academia in Israel and abroad.

Prof. Asher Blass

Associate Professor, head of the M.A. program for Applied Economics in Ashkelon College.

Ph.D in economics from Harvard University.

Lexecon Ltd., Chicago, Illinois (1988-1991), Senior Economist at a leading economics-legal consulting firm.

Bank of Israel, Research Department (1992-2000), Chief Economist (prior to that, Senior Economist), Head of capital markets and industrial sector.

Chaired a number of Committees in a variety of realms including: addressing financial regulation, markets structure and antitrust. Has published articles in leading economic journals.

In 2001, founded ERCG and has since served as CEO. Has submitted expert opinions and given testimony regarding complex economic issues.